Brisbane International Airport

Airport, Government, Infrastructure, Redevelopment
About This Project

LOCATION: Brisbane International Airport


TYPE OF PROJECT: Upgrade/Expansion


YEAR(S): 2016-2018


CLIENT: Laing O’Rourke


VALUE: $900k


Cogent Scaffolding were awarded the scaffolding package for the Brisbane Airports new $135 million expansion of the northern International Terminal, working with Laing O’Rourke.


A safety issue was quickly identified with how other trades would load their equipment onto loading bays whilst keeping the handrail in place at all times; a safety requirement of the site.


As this project is located at the Brisbane Airport, tower cranes are not allowed on this site so all equipment has to be loaded using Manitou’s where on a normal job site (i.e. not an airport) a tower crane would be used to lift and place equipment onto loading bays.


In order for the Manitou to be able to load the gear, the handrail needs to be able to be moved safely and only a certain distance, whilst still being attached to the loading bay.


Laing O’Rourke identified this as an issue and came to us to see if we could come up with a solution.


We designed in house a Loading Bay Access Swing Gate which can be pulled down, equipment can be loaded on, and then the gate closed again. There is no other item currently in the market that can do this.


This item was designed by Cogent, manufactured by SmartScaff and is supplied to us exclusively.