Eagle St Pier Demo

Eagle St Pier Demo

The demolition of Eagle St Pier has begun and we’re very pleased to be working with Delta Demolition on providing the scaffolding works to safely support the demo.

Demolition work is a complicated task that involves many of the hazards associated with construction. It requires intensive planning in order to control and minimise the risks posed to the demolition team’s safety and protection. Scaffold is often required to help contain the area & protect pedestrians from falling objects or debris whilst the existing building is being demolished.

The $2.1 billion transformation of the Eagle Street Pier and Waterfront Place precinct into Brisbane’s premium business and leisure destination is Brisbane’s most exciting new project.

The approved design incorporates:
– two new towers with a combined 120,000sqm of office space
– enhanced retail offering
– substantial improvements to the riverwalk
– large public plazas opening on to the river
– a widening of the riverwalk to at least six metres for the full length of the site
– ramping to allow cyclists ease of access to street level

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