MOBO South Brisbane

About This Project

LOCATION:134 Merivale Street, South Brisbane




YEAR(S): 2020-2021


CLIENT: Hutchinson Builders





Mobo is a 12-storey subtropical designed commercial building on the corner of Merivale and Tribune Streets, South Brisbane and truly is the mother of locations for a new world office.


Mobo will be Brisbane’s one and only commercial building with a rooftop sky-high pool, and will also have a breakout, entertainment, social and exercise zone.


Mobo will become one of the most advanced buildings of its kind when it comes to next-generation subtropical design.


Located on a large 2,670 sqm site, the proposed tower has a NLA (net lettable area) of 1,550 sqm and includes integrated landscaped balconies, high-performance sun-shading and a rooftop landscaped deck and pool, said to become a ‘Green Oasis’ which will occupy 70% of available rooftop space.


References to the classic ‘Queenslander’ has been used for the Tribune Street rooftop side. A beacon that is emblematic of weatherboard cladding would become a night time feature for the building’s proposed rooftop crown.


Working with Hutchinson Builders we’re thrilled to have secured that scaffolding contract for this unique project for Brisbane, and in addition to that we will also be working with Superform providing form support scaffold.