Southpoint C

Residential High Rise
About This Project

LOCATION: SouthbankBrisbane CBD


TYPE OF PROJECT: Residential High-Rise


YEAR(S): 2016 – 2017


CLIENT: Hutchinson Builders




A new project of ours is Southpoint C which will be a 24 Storey residential block in Southbank at it’s completion. Working again with the legendary Hutchinson Builders, this is a very special project where we get to exercise some of our specialty skills including Cantilevering.


Cantilever Scaffold systems are not unique in the commercial construction Industry. Most Scaffold companies now days have the ability to install these systems which are extremely time-consuming and high-risk works. With these factors in mind, Cogent Scaffolding sought to generate an engineering solution that addressed these issues whilst maintaining the flexibility a Cantilever Scaffold System offers our clients.


As a result, Cogent Scaffolding has developed a Crane Locatable Universal Beam system that can be installed using a tower crane. This system greatly reduces installation times and dramatically reduces the fall from heights issues associated with normal Cantilever systems.


Using an engineered system of Tube and fit components we can create full containment deck with rigid handrail system suspended between two Universal Beams. This system can be constructed in any suitable area and then simply lowered into position with the use of a Tower or Mobile crane.


Once the system is in position and secured to the structure it can be accessed immediately without any exposure to falls from height. This eliminates the requirement for the use of harnesses or other personal protective equipment as the primary means of fall protection.


Our Scaffolders can then access these decks and begin the erection of the Cantilever system to the desired height.


The following is a list of benefits this system offers:


    • Dramatic reduction of Crane usage for the installation and dismantle process


    • Increased productivity and an overall reduction in labour cost for installation and dismantle process


    • Elimination of the use of personal protective equipment as the primary means of fall protection


    • Reduction to associated disruptions surrounding the project i.e. Exclusion zones, Traffic Management, Street closures


    • The Universal containment deck double’s as a catch deck further reducing the risk of falling components