Cogent Scaffolding Achieves Certification to new Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015

Cogent Scaffolding Achieves Certification to new Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015

Transitioning to from AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015

Back in early 2013, Cogent Scaffolding saw the importance of implementing a Quality Management System into our business practices. Each element of a Quality Management System serves a purpose toward the overall goals of meeting our customers' and our organisation's requirements. It helps businesses to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

It was a major project to create this system which we did with the help of an experienced consultant.

In December 2013 we achieved our certification for the 2008 standard (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008) and we were thrilled! All of our hard work had paid off!

To date, we have retained our certification throughout our yearly internal and external audits, with no Non-conformances to date; a fantastic achievement.

In 2015, the new Quality standard (ISO 9001:2015) was released to much fanfare around the world.

The new standard has a major focus on the overall context of the business and has helped us enormously in our strategic business planning. It also focuses on putting your customers first, making sure we consistently meet their needs and exceed their expectations. It helps us to be more efficient and to identify and address the risks associated with our organisation.

After much hard work, in October 2016 we achieved our certification to the new quality standard, one of the first in our industry to do so. 

We are very proud here at Cogent Scaffolding to have continued success in the quality management aspect of our business and congratulate all of our staff that were involved in this process.


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