Cogent’s Employee Assistance Program

Cogent’s Employee Assistance Program

We are so lucky here at Cogent to have industry-specific support in Mates In Construction who also manage referrals to Converge, the Employee Assistance Program offered by the union.

MIC is 24/7 and their program is based on the simple idea that suicide is everyone’s business (1300 642 111)


MATES is an integrated industry intervention program that:

• Raises awareness of suicide as a preventable problem

• Builds stronger and more resilient workers

• Connects workers to the best available help and support

• Partners with researchers to inform the industry about best mental health practice

How does MATES achieve this?

MATES field staff will train workers in the workplace to improve mental health and suicide prevention literacy, increase help-seeking and help-offering and engage the workforce in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Volunteer Connectors and ASIST workers will be trained to identify, support and connect workers to help and support.

Field Officers will support these workplace volunteers to create on-site networks supporting each other and the worksite in preventing suicide and becoming mentally healthier.

MATES offers a support line and case management to workers who need help and support.

Finally, MATES partners with researchers to inform the industry to affect positive change. One example of this is the Australian Building and Construction Industry Blueprint for Better Mental Health and Suicide Prevention which can be found here.

As a reminder, Cogent also has Connector Trained employees (see below). These employees are trained to know what help is available and to support workers with regards to a wide range of issues.

  • Michelle Gomersall (Human Resources) – 0419 641 053
  • Mick Stewart (HSE Manager) – 0412 403 310
  • Erryn O’Brien (Quality Manager) – 0403 921 319
  • Chris Clarkin (Cogent Union Delo) – 0468 623 613
  • Kem Huirama-Osborne (Scaffolder) – 0437 389 207
  • Josh Boyce (Scaffolder) – 0416 563 063
  • Hoani Maika Te (Truck Driver/Warehouse) – 0405 402 644
  • Selwyn TeWhaiti (HSR) – 0404 744 225
  • Jerry Sinaga (HSR) – 0456 371 551
  • Jon Ryan – Mental Health First Aid – Leading Hand – 0418 144 452
  • Stan Scott – Mental Health First Aid – Scaffolder – 0459 213 566

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