Waterfront Pier (Stage 1)

Accommodation, Apartment, Residential High Rise
About This Project

LOCATION: 43 Evelyn Street, Newstead


TYPE OF PROJECT: Residential High Rise


YEAR(S): 2013


CLIENT: Mirvac




The Waterfront Apartments project in Newstead required many weeks of planning before construction could even begin. Working closely with Mirvac and other stakeholders, Cogent helped to implement a design that meant work on the apartment complexes could run uninterrupted.


This project called for the perimeter scaffolding of two buildings, one a 5-storey tower and one an 8-storey tower. 20 000 mof scaffold was erected between the two structures, with 3 tower cranes utilised on-site to manage over 1100 ton of gear.


Such was the size of the project that the Cogent team opted to bring in their Rough Terrain Telehandler with driver. This proved a tremendously efficient way to ferry gear around the site, resulted in less strain on the tower cranes already in operation and provided invaluable assistance to other trades on site.


Cogent Scaffolding successfully completed this job in the required timeframe and to the highest safety standards in the industry.