Waterloo Junction

About This Project

LOCATION: 4 – 12 Commercial Road, Newstead




YEAR(S): 2009


CLIENT: Watpac




Cogent Scaffolding was contracted to install a scaffold around the perimeter of this 6-storey office building complex at the busy Waterloo Junction.


As the hotel below the office complex was to remain operational throughout the build, the Cogent team were compelled to employ some advanced techniques on this job.


To provide edge protection for the safety of all tradespersons on-site, Cogent had to gain access to the underside of the building’s roof.


This required the team to ‘spur out’ from levels 5 and 6 of the building, a tricky job that their long experience on construction sites of all types allowed them to achieve safely and to the satisfaction of all trades on site.


A total of 5 500 m2 of gear was utilised on this job.