Queens Wharf Neville Bonner Bridge Install

Queens Wharf Neville Bonner Bridge Install

The team at Queen’s Wharf recently completed one of its most challenging milestones.

Over the course of 14 nights, an epic 60 tonnes of steel was lifted into place using a 300 tonne mobile crane and secured by 420 bolts – the structure now cantilevers 10 metres over the road forming the beginning of the new Neville Bonner Bridge.

One year in the making, the complex operation involved working closely with the local authorities as Brisbane’s arterial Riverside Expressway was closed.

One of the key challenges was mitigating the risk of the heavy loads causing stress or movement in the surrounding road structure.

Months of 3D Geotech modelling was required to assess the impacts, while specialised equipment measured any small movements in the expressway structure during the operation.

The remainder of the bridge will be completed by an external contractor. Congratulations to the project team and our sub-contractors on the safe and speedy completion of this incredibly complex operation.

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