Queens Wharf Sky Deck

Queens Wharf Sky Deck

The signature Arc-shaped building in the Queens Wharf development will feature a dazzling elevated Sky Deck open to the public and positioned 100 metres above William Street, offering spectacular 360-degree views of the river and city.

We are very proud of the role we have played in the true engineering feat of installing the sky deck! Two of the three sections have now been installed and we have one more to go.

We started by installing over 220 tonnes of structural steel beams between the Star Grand Hotel and the Queen’s Wharf Residences that would be attached to the sky deck after it was raised. We then cantilevered our scaffold out off the edge of the building. Our cantilevered scaffold was required as there is no boom or crane that can reach this part of the building to access the connection points to attach the sky deck.

After a few delays due to inclement weather, the first 2 sections of the sky deck were raised and attached to the beams.

Inside the building, we built a cantilevered Layher bridge that was hung out between the cantilevered scaffold to provide safe access to the sky deck after it was raised.

The installation of the sky deck is a true engineering feat; a result of specialist lifting equipment, thorough planning and building expertise and we are so thrilled to have been involved!

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