Queen’s Wharf Update, February 2022

Queen’s Wharf Update, February 2022

Welcome back to Queen’s Wharf in 2022!

In December 2021, one of the 10 tower cranes on-site that had been servicing the podium levels was removed and more concrete was poured atop the podium which will become public space once finishing works and landscaping are complete.

As we move into 2022, QW Residences will begin to jump up from level to level on a weekly basis which will be very exciting to watch!

Towers 2 & 3 which will become the Star Grand Hotel are progressing quickly with Tower 2 scaffold to level 13 and Tower 3 scaffold now at level 12. Our scaffold will keep climbing up another 40 metres as the year progresses. When we reach level 19 we needle out to restart the scaffold from level 19 up to 22.

Towers 2 & 3, The Star Grand Hotel
Tower 2 scaffold

The Internal Atrium birdcage scaffold has been completed so that the internal cladding and internal works can be completed. When completed this area will include a grand entrance, the escalators etc and will be quite stunning!

Internal Atrium scaffold

At the end of January 2022 the huge, 300tonne, 77m steel supporting section of the Neville Bonner Bridge was lifted into place. It now sits neatly on the mid-river pier and completes the suspended half of the bridge steel superstructure.

Neville Bonner Bridge construction

Restoration works are well underway for the historic Printery Building which when completed will house a number of luxury brands and make up the majority of the shopping precinct at Queen’s Wharf.

Historic Printery Building scaffold
Historic Printery Building

Restoration has also begun on the former DPI Building. Originally an Immigration Depot, the building was expanded and repurposed as the Department of Agriculture & Stock before becoming the Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

We will be supplying and installing the perimeter scaffold for this historic building as well as some internal scaffolding work as it is lovingly restored.

Former DPI Building

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is fast becoming the focal point of Brisbane’s CBD. With more than 50 bars and restaurants, fresh new world-class hotels and an entertainment and public realm precinct that will be the envy of other Australian cities, Queen’s Wharf will help Brisbane become a tourism drawcard when it opens in 2023. 2022 is sure to be an exciting year on-site for us and for everyone involved in this amazing project!

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