An innovative solution to a construction problem

An innovative solution to a construction problem

Last week at our Queen’s Wharf project we began installing massive steel beams on level 6 over the atrium.

Now that our scaffold is ready to be stripped below level 6 so that the Atrium can be finished off and escalators installed, we needed a way to continue our scaffolding above level 6.

Our solution was to install these massive beams, made by Beenleigh Steel and assembled by us in their yard. We then craned these beams into place on-site and installed them, ready to now continue going up and up!

We’re proud to have come up with this innovative design which allows our client to save not only money but the precious commodity of time, which on a project like this is incredibly valuable.

Congratulations to everyone at Cogent that was involved in this project, it was an exciting day watching these huge beams being put into place!

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