Queen’s Wharf Update – March 2022

Queen’s Wharf Update – March 2022

Cutting through four of the podium levels, an eye-catching oval-shaped oculus is also being constructed within The Star Grand’s porte cochere.

This stunning oculus centrepiece will spill sunshine over a subtropical water feature, welcoming guests into the expansive five-star hotel’s lobby entrance from late 2022.

With a diameter of 21.5 metres north to south, the oculus will bring bright natural light to William Street and the entertainment and luxury retails floors.

Our scaffold at Tower 3 is now up to level 13.

And Tower 2 scaffold now to level 15. When we reach level 19 we will be installing large steel beams on the level 19 slab and will cantilever our scaffold out then continue to build up another 24m high to reach the roof.

Check out the height here, not for the faint-hearted! This image was taken standing on our stretcher stair, looking down on Tower 2.

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